2nd Global Digital Trade Expo kicks off in east China’s Hangzhou

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The second Global Digital Trade Expo kicked off in Hangzhou on Thursday morning, with an eye on global digital trade cooperation. The expo, themed “Digital Trade, Global Access,” has attracted 68 international organizations and business associations, as well as over 800 enterprises.

The GDTE, which covers an area of 100,000 square meters, consists of four major sections: meetings, exhibitions, platforms, and events. It has invited the Guest of Honor and various international organizations to participate in the expo.

The expo features one comprehensive pavilion, two special pavilions, and four digital industry pavilions, showcasing the latest technologies, products, achievements, and applications in digital trade. Some of the highlights include large models, WEB 3.0 technology, digital services, digital content, and smart digital mobility.

The expo also hosts a series of forums, where honored guests and executives of top enterprises from home and abroad discuss new digital trade trends and issues, such as rules, regulations, management, and standards. Several standards for digital trade and professional reports are expected to be released during the expo.

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