Activists stage ‘die-in’ at Oslo station to protest Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

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Dozens of activists lay on the ground of the central train station in Oslo, Norway, on Tuesday in a symbolic gesture to represent the Palestinian victims of the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

The protesters, who wore black clothes and covered their faces with Palestinian flags, remained silent for 15 minutes as they held signs that read “Stop the massacre” and “Free Palestine”.

The demonstration was organized by the Norwegian Committee for Solidarity with Palestine, a group that advocates for the rights of the Palestinian people and opposes the Israeli occupation.

The group also condemned the Norwegian government for its “complicity” in the Israeli aggression and called for an immediate end to the military and economic support that Norway provides to Israel.

The protest was part of a global wave of solidarity actions with the Palestinian cause, as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has entered its fifth week with no sign of a ceasefire.

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