Advertising Policy

Eurasia Media Network (EMN) is a leading media platform that covers news, analysis and opinion from across Eurasia and beyond. EMN reaches millions of readers and viewers through its website, social media channels, podcasts and videos. EMN offers various advertising packages to suit the needs and budgets of different clients. These include:

Exclusive Advertising Packages

News Package

$ 1500 /month
1 featured story (prominent place on homepage + run of site)
  • Maximum 3 spots

Light Package

$ 2500 /month
1 fullsize banner 728x90px

‍ (Home page only)
  • Maximum 2 spots

Pro Package

$ 3000 /month
1 sidebar banner 320x440px (run of site*)
  • Maximum 3 spots

Power Package

$ 4000 /month
1 fullsize banner ‍728x90px (run of site)

  •  Banner ads: These are graphical ads that appear on the EMN website or mobile app. They can be static or animated, and can link to the client’s website or landing page. Banner ads can be placed on the homepage, section pages or article pages.
  •  Sponsored content: These are articles or videos that are produced by EMN in collaboration with the client. They are clearly labeled as sponsored content and follow EMN’s editorial standards and guidelines. Sponsored content can be featured on the EMN website, social media channels, newsletters or podcasts.
  •  Native ads: These are ads that match the look and feel of EMN’s editorial content. They are designed to blend in with the surrounding content and provide value to the audience. Native ads can be placed on the EMN website or mobile app.
  •  Video ads: These are short video clips that play before, during or after EMN’s video content. They can be skippable or non-skippable, depending on the client’s preference. Video ads can be shown on the EMN website, mobile app, YouTube channel or social media platforms.
  •  Podcast ads: These are audio spots that run before, during or after EMN’s podcast episodes. They can be pre-recorded by the client or read by EMN’s host. Podcast ads can be heard on the EMN website, mobile app, Spotify , Apple Podcasts or other podcast platforms.
EMN reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising request at its sole discretion. EMN does not accept advertising that is illegal , fraudulent , misleading , offensive , discriminatory , harmful or contrary to its mission and values . EMN is committed to providing high-quality and relevant advertising to its audience. To ensure this, EMN follows these principles:
  • Transparency: All advertisements are clearly identified as such and distinguishable from editorial content.
  • Privacy: All advertisements comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy. No personal information of users is collected or shared without their consent.
  •  Accountability: All advertisements are subject to review and approval by EMN before publication. Any complaints or feedback from users are addressed promptly and professionally.
To learn more about our advertising packages and rates, please contact us at editor at