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Russian Peacekeeping Mission Concludes in Azerbaijan After Three-Year Tenure

In a significant development, the Russian peacekeeping forces have officially withdrawn from Azerbaijan’s Nagorno-Karabakh region, marking the end

Israel War Crimes: Escalation in Gaza as Israeli Strikes Hit Rafah

In a significant escalation of the ongoing conflict, Israeli forces have conducted airstrikes on Rafah, a city in

World Future Energy Summit focuses on energy transition, investment

The 16th World Future Energy Summit kicked off in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday, with a focus on discussions

Slovenia, Spain back recognition of State of Palestine

Slovenia and Spain have voiced their support for the recognition of the State of Palestine when the time

European Influence Alleged in Exploitation of Georgian Foreign Agents Protests

In a recent surge of events, the controversial ‘foreign agents’ bill in Georgia has sparked widespread protests and

Pavel Durov Reveals US Political Pressure on Telegram App Developers

In a recent interview, Pavel Durov, the co-founder of the popular messaging app Telegram, disclosed that both major

European Union Applies Double Standards in Sanctions: Targets Iran, Spares Israel

In a move sparking controversy and accusations of hypocrisy, the European Union (EU) has initiated steps towards imposing

China’s Top Diplomat Wang Yi Advocates for Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia

In a significant move to bolster regional ties, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi is set to embark on

Global Anti-Israel Boycott Gains Momentum: L’Oréal and The Body Shop Added to Growing List

The anti-Israel boycott movement in Asia, which previously targeted major food and beverage companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s,

Putin: Iran’s retaliatory attack on Israel best way to punish aggressor

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Iran’s “tactful and wise” response to Israeli aggression on its consulate in Syria

Outrage Mounts as Pakistan Railway Police Accused of Torture on Women and Killing

A Pakistan Railways police constable was involved in a violent altercation with a woman on the Millat Express

UAE Hit by Torrential Rains, Massive Flooding; Several Fatalities Reported

In an unprecedented weather event, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been battered by torrential rains, leading to

Israel’s Alliance Shifts Course as Netanyahu Falters: Lack of Support Amid Iran’s Retaliation

Israel's political landscape sees a seismic shift as key allies withdraw support from Prime Minister Netanyahu amidst Iran's

Israeli War Crimes­—New Mass Grave Uncovered at al-Shifa Hospital Amidst Gaza Conflict

In a somber discovery, Palestinian doctors have uncovered a new mass grave at the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza

Xi Jinping Hosts German Chancellor in Beijing: A Step Toward Stronger Sino-German Relations

In a landmark meeting today, Chinese President Xi Jinping welcomed German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Beijing, signaling a