Benjamin Netanyahu—The Butcher of Gaza

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After killing more than 20,000 Palestinians Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earned the title of ‘Butcher of Gaza’ for his massacres of innocent Palestinians in Gaza.

Israeli Collective Punishment and bombing the civilians have been the most horrific war crimes in modern history where the world is a silent spectator.

Despite verbal condemnation by the international community, there is power on earth that can stop Israel from killing of children, women, and elders.

Reports suggest that over 20,000 Palestinians have lost their lives as a result of what is described as collective punishment in the densely populated region, often referred to as the world’s most crowded jail.

The ongoing detention of Palestinians in Gaza, coupled with continuous bombing, has sparked concerns about potential violations of international humanitarian law.

Critics argue that such actions highlight a perceived double standard in global responses to conflicts, with some asserting that the international community’s silence may inadvertently embolden Israel to continue what they deem as war crimes.



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