Breaking News: Catastrophic Landslide in Papua New Guinea Claims Over 670 Lives

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In a tragic turn of events, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported a staggering loss of life due to a massive landslide in Papua New Guinea. The latest estimates suggest that more than 670 individuals have perished in this natural disaster. 

  The landslide, which occurred in the mountainous region 600km northwest of Port Moresby, has buried over 150 homes under tons of soil and debris. The initial death toll was projected at 100, but as rescue efforts continue, the numbers have risen alarmingly. 

  Serhan Aktoprak, the chief of the United Nations agency’s mission in the South Pacific Island nation, stated that the revised death toll is based on calculations by local officials in Yambali village and Enga province. The catastrophe has not only claimed lives but also left approximately 1,250 people homeless as additional houses have been condemned due to unstable ground. 

  Rescue operations are being hampered by the challenging terrain, with the landslide consisting of car-sized boulders and uprooted trees. The depth of the debris is estimated to be around 8 meters, making the search for survivors increasingly difficult. 

  The government is working to establish evacuation centers on safer ground and is considering requesting international support. Meanwhile, aid agencies are struggling to provide relief amidst the devastation, with the landslide having wiped out the village’s livestock, food gardens, and sources of clean water. 

This disaster highlights the urgent need for effective disaster preparedness and response mechanisms in regions prone to such catastrophic events. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families during this difficult time. 

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