Call for Ceasefire Echoes Through Church During President Joe Biden’s Address

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President Joe Biden was interrupted by protesters calling for a ceasefire in the ongoing
conflict between Israel and Hamas during his speech at Mother Emanuel AME Church in
Charleston, South Carolina on Monday. The church was the site of a mass shooting by a
white supremacist in 2015 that killed nine people.
Biden, who was campaigning for his re-election bid in 2024, was speaking about the
importance of democracy and truth in America when a group of activists started
chanting “ceasefire now” from the pews. The protesters were quickly escorted out by
security as Biden’s supporters countered with “four more years”.
Biden acknowledged the protesters and said he understood their passion. He also said
he had been quietly working with the Israeli government to reduce the violence and end
the hostilities in Gaza. He did not explicitly call for a ceasefire, however, despite growing
pressure from some members of his own party and the international community.
Biden’s visit to South Carolina, a key battleground state, came amid signs of weakening
support among Black voters, who were crucial for his victory in 2020. A recent poll
showed Biden’s approval rating among Black Americans dropping to 76%, down from
89% in January. Some Black leaders, such as Representative Jim Clyburn, have
expressed concern about Biden’s ability to energize and mobilize the Black community
in 2024.

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