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Europe Energy Crisis, a failure of European Leaders

  As Europe is sinking into the worst Energy Crisis of recent years the western

EU Blackmailing: Polish Prime Minister’s whistleblowing accusations Echoes

  Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, accusations to the EU is actually the long way

Why the US Wants an Unstable and Volatile Afghanistan?

The hasty withdrawal failed to push Afghanistan into the next US-planned proxy battlefield for the

A new migrants crisis is brewing on the Poland border

  When the US left Afghanistan with many unanswered questions and a dramatic withdrawal made

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Thousands of Farmers Make their Way to Paris Following Activism in Netherlands and Germany

French farmers are staging a massive protest in the capital, Paris, to demand better working conditions, fair prices for their

Azerbaijan adds 12 women in the COP 29 committee after outcry over gender imbalance

Azerbaijan has revised its organizing committee for the COP 29 climate summit, which it will host in November, by adding

Climate and Environmental Protection: A Double Standard by the West?

The issue of climate change and environmental protection has become a major source of tension and controversy between the developed

UK Faces Killer Winter 4,950 Deaths Govt Fails to Serve Taxpayers—Princess of Wales Recovers After Surgery

The UK has recorded 4,950 excess winter deaths this winter according to new official data. This is a significant increase

German Farmers Stage Massive Protest Against Government’s Diesel Subsidy Cuts

In a powerful display of dissent, thousands of German farmers took to the streets today to protest the government's decision

Scientists deem 2023 as 2nd-hottest year on New Zealand record

The past three years have been record setting years in New Zealand summer temperatures, with 2023 confirmed to be the

Extreme Winter Cold Grips Russia: Temperatures Plummet to -54°C in Certain Regions

Russia is currently in the grip of an unprecedented winter cold spell, with temperatures plummeting to bone-chilling lows of -54°C

Europe hit by extreme cold, storms and flooding

Europe is facing a severe weather crisis, as a blast of Arctic air brings record-low temperatures, heavy snowfall, strong winds,