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Europe Energy Crisis, a failure of European Leaders

  As Europe is sinking into the worst Energy Crisis of recent years the western

EU Blackmailing: Polish Prime Minister’s whistleblowing accusations Echoes

  Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, accusations to the EU is actually the long way

Why the US Wants an Unstable and Volatile Afghanistan?

The hasty withdrawal failed to push Afghanistan into the next US-planned proxy battlefield for the

A new migrants crisis is brewing on the Poland border

  When the US left Afghanistan with many unanswered questions and a dramatic withdrawal made

Lasted Sweden

Sweden faces ‘unprecedented’ gang violence, PM seeks military help

Sweden is experiencing a surge of gang violence that has left dozens of people dead and many more injured this

Three arrested after violent protests over Quran burning in Sweden

Three men have been arrested in connection with a violent riot that broke out in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city,

Sweden police reveal consequences of Quran-burning stunts

Sweden’s police have warned that the recent Quran-burning stunts by a far-right group have damaged the country’s reputation and security

Putin and Biden Video Summit on Ukraine issue Likely on Tuesday

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden will speak through a video link on Tuesday as the