China’s Top Diplomat Wang Yi Advocates for Belt and Road Initiative in Southeast Asia

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In a significant move to bolster regional ties, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi is set to embark on a diplomatic tour to Indonesia, Cambodia, and Papua New Guinea. This visit is part of Beijing’s ongoing efforts to enhance cooperation with Southeast Asian nations.

During his six-day journey, Minister Wang Yi will engage in a high-level dialogue cooperation mechanism with Indonesia and attend a meeting of the China-Cambodia Intergovernmental Coordination Committee. The Chinese foreign ministry has highlighted these nations as “good friends and good partners,” emphasizing mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, and shared development.

The tour aims to further the consensus reached by President Xi Jinping with the leaders of the three countries and to advance high-quality projects under the Belt and Road Initiative. This initiative is China’s ambitious plan to improve infrastructure and connectivity across the region, with projects like the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway serving as a testament to its success.

As China’s top trading partner and a significant source of foreign investment, Indonesia has already seen the fruits of this collaboration. Similarly, Cambodia enjoys robust trade relations and investment from China, which also extends considerable foreign aid to the country. Papua New Guinea, the largest island nation in the South Pacific, is another key trading partner that China is keen on strengthening ties with, expanding cooperation into new areas.

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