CSTO sees Armenia’s settled state borders as its zone of responsibility — media outlet

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The zone of responsibility of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Armenia ends where the country’s borders with its neighbors begin, RBC media reported citing the CSTO’s response to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s statement regarding the security bloc’s responsibility zone in the republic.

On March 12, Pashinyan said that Yerevan asked its CSTO partners to answer where the CSTO’s zone of responsibility in the republic was. According to him, Yerevan will withdraw from the CSTO if the organization doesn’t do right by its obligations and define its zone of responsibility.

“The CSTO zone of responsibility ends at the state border, as set down by agreement between Armenia and its neighbors,” the organization told RBC.

The CSTO also explained to the edition that the Armenian prime minister’s vague statements about the zone of responsibility “are quite complicated and are more aimed at drawing attention to the situation in the republic rather than getting a substantive answer.” “Because, in accordance with the 2010 agreement on the principles of interaction signed in the CSTO, the zone of responsibility is the sovereign territory of the member states,” RBC said.

Source: Itar Tass

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