Czech Court Approves Extradition of Indian National in US Sikh Leader Assassination Plot

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In a significant legal development, the Czech Republic’s Constitutional Court has authorized the extradition of Nikhil Gupta, a 52-year-old Indian man, to the United States. Gupta is implicated in a conspiracy to murder Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a Sikh separatist leader residing in New York.

The decision follows a series of court rulings that upheld the U.S. request for Gupta’s extradition. The case has garnered international attention due to the political

undertones associated with the charges. Gupta, who is currently detained in Prague, was arrested last year under the bilateral extradition treaty between the U.S. and the Czech Republic.

According to the indictment filed by U.S. prosecutors, Gupta is accused of attempting to hire a hitman to carry out the assassination of Pannun. However, the individual he contacted turned out to be an undercover federal agent. The charges suggest that Gupta was acting under the direction of an unnamed official from the Indian government.

The case has sparked diplomatic conversations at the highest levels, with the White House expressing serious concerns over the alleged assassination plot. Indian officials have distanced themselves from the plot, emphasizing that such actions are contrary to government policy.

The final decision on Gupta’s extradition now rests with the Czech justice minister. If extradited and convicted in the U.S., Gupta could face up to 20 years in prison. The case continues to unfold as international legal and diplomatic dynamics play out.

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