EU Urges Georgia Not to Pass ‘Foreign Influence’ Law

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In a significant development, the European Union has issued a stern warning to Georgia regarding its proposed ‘foreign agent’ law. The EU has expressed deep concern that the adoption of this legislation would adversely affect Georgia’s progress on its path to EU membership.

The controversial law, which requires media and non-profit organizations to register as “pursuing the interests of a foreign power” if they receive more than 20% of their funding from abroad, has been met with widespread criticism. Critics argue that the law could be exploited to suppress independent voices and limit freedom of expression.

Despite the backlash and mass protests, the Georgian parliament advanced the law with a unanimous vote in its first reading, a move that has only intensified the EU’s apprehension.

The EU’s message is unequivocal: the draft Law on Transparency of Foreign Influence is inconsistent with Georgia’s aspirations to join the European Union and could potentially derail the accession process. With the Georgian President Salome Zourabichvili vowing to veto the legislation, the situation remains tense as the country navigates its relationship with the EU and its own legislative processes3.

This law has drawn comparisons to similar legislation introduced in Russia a decade ago, which has been used to silence critical voices across the country. As Georgia continues to strive for EU membership, the outcome of this legislative battle will be closely watched by both supporters and critics alike.

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