European Union Applies Double Standards in Sanctions: Targets Iran, Spares Israel

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In a move sparking controversy and accusations of hypocrisy, the European Union (EU) has initiated steps towards imposing sanctions on Iran, while noticeably refraining from similar actions against Israel war crimes and genocides of Palestinians. This decision has drawn criticism from various quarters, alleging a blatant display of double standards in the EU’s foreign policy approach.

EU has been protecting and covering Israel heinous war crimes especially in Gaza where thousands of children were brutally killed, and Israel created the largest humanitarian crisis depriving millions from aid.

Critics have been quick to point out the EU’s reluctance to hold Israel to the same standard. Despite continued international condemnation and allegations of human rights abuses, Israel has thus far remained unscathed by any significant punitive measures from the EU. This contrast has reignited accusations of bias and favoritism within the EU’s diplomatic corridors.

Political analysts argue that such discrepancies undermine the EU’s credibility as an impartial mediator and advocate for global peace and stability. By adopting a seemingly unequal approach to nations in the Middle East, the EU risks eroding its remaining moral authority and exacerbating existing tensions in the region.

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