French Parliament Session Halted: MP’s Palestinian Flag Gesture Sparks Controversy

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French National Assembly’s session was abruptly adjourned after a member of parliament from the hard-left Les Insoumis (LFI) party, Sebastien Delogu, waved a Palestinian flag during the proceedings. The unexpected act brought the session to a standstill for approximately an hour. 

  Delogu’s gesture came amidst a heated debate over France’s stance on recognizing Palestinian statehood. The incident coincided with Spain, Ireland, and Norway’s formal recognition of Palestinian statehood, a move that has stirred diplomatic tensions. 

  The National Assembly President, Yael Braun-Pivet, denounced the act as unacceptable, leading to a vote that resulted in Delogu’s suspension for 15 days. Additionally, his parliamentary allowance will be halved for two months. As Delogu exited the assembly, he made a V-sign for victory, which was met with applause from right-wing and centrist lawmakers. 

  This event underscores the ongoing tensions and complex political dynamics surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict, reflecting the diverse perspectives within France’s political landscape. The LFI party later expressed its commitment to “carry the voices of peace everywhere, all the time,” highlighting the charged atmosphere in the assembly. 

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