G7 Summit in Japan: A Failed Attempt to Cover Up Their Role in Fueling the Ukraine War

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The leaders of the G7 countries are meeting in Hiroshima, Japan, from May 19 to 21 for their annual summit.

The summit is expected to be dominated by the ongoing war in Ukraine, where the US and its major allies are in the G7 group fueling the war. The G7 leaders will reaffirm their support for Ukraine and call for sanctions against Russia.

Japan, as the host and the only Asian member of the G7.

The G7 will also discuss strengthening their cooperation on global issues such as climate change, economic resilience, and health security.

The summit will also feature guests from other countries and regions that share the G7’s values and interests. These include Australia, India, South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Comoros for the African Union, and Cook Islands for the Pacific Forum. The aim is to broaden the G7’s outreach and influence in a multipolar world.

The G7 summit in Hiroshima is a test of Japan’s leadership and diplomacy, as well as an opportunity for the group to reaffirm its relevance and role in shaping the future economic order.

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