Gaza truce extended by two days, Qatar and Hamas say

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The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has been extended for another 48 hours, according to Qatar and Hamas officials. The truce, which began on Friday, was due to expire on Monday night, but both sides agreed to prolong it to allow for more negotiations on the release of Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners.

Qatar, which has been mediating between Israel and Hamas, said in a statement that the extension was “in order to complete the ongoing efforts to reach an agreement that guarantees the stability of the situation and the end of the suffering of the people.”

Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri confirmed the extension and said that the talks were “serious and positive.”. He added that Hamas was committed to the exchange of hostages and prisoners, as well as the reconstruction of Gaza and the lifting of the Israeli blockade.

The truce has brought a rare calm to the region, where tensions have been high since the start of the war. However, the situation remains fragile, as both sides have warned of a possible resumption of hostilities if the talks fail.

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