Germany’s Supply Taurus missiles to Ukraine sparks fears of a direct confrontation with Russia

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Germany is in talks with arms maker MBDA about the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine according to some media reports. The Taurus missiles are long-range, air-launched, stealthy weapons that can strike targets up to 500 kilometers away.

Ukraine has already received Storm Shadow and SCALP cruise missiles from Britain and France, which have proven effective in destroying Russian infrastructure and assets.

However, Germany has been reluctant to provide Ukraine with the Taurus missiles, fearing that they could escalate the situation and provoke a stronger Russian response.

According to the independent experts Taurus missiles could be used to strike targets deep inside Russian territory, which would violate international law and norms.

The potential transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine would mark a significant shift in Germany’s policy and stance towards the conflict in Eastern Europe.

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