India Election Results: Modi’s 400 Seats Slogan Setback – BJP Fall Short of Majority

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As the counting of votes continues for the 2024 Indian general elections, early trends indicate a surprising shift in the political landscape. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is projected to fall short of the majority mark in the Lok Sabha, raising the possibility of a hung parliament. 

With over 90% of the votes counted, the BJP is leading in 230 seats, a significant drop from their 2019 tally of 303 seats. 

Despite a vigorous campaign focusing on national security, economic growth, and social welfare schemes, the party seems to have lost ground in several key states. 

The Indian National Congress, led by Rahul Gandhi, is making substantial gains, leading in 150 seats, up from 52 in 2019. 

Regional parties and coalitions, including the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and Third Front, are also performing well, collectively leading in over 160 seats. 

Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and West Bengal are witnessing strong performances by regional players like the Samajwadi Party, Shiv Sena, and Trinamool Congress, respectively. 

The southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala continue to show robust support for the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) and the Left Democratic Front (LDF). 

With the BJP likely to fall short of the 272-seat majority, the focus shifts to potential coalition negotiations. 

Conversely, the Congress and its allies are exploring possibilities to stitch together a broader coalition to stake their claim. 

The electoral outcome has sparked diverse reactions across the nation. Supporters of the BJP express hope for a turnaround as final results are tallied, while opposition supporters celebrate the potential for change. 


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