India Weak Defense as US Reveals Irrefutable Proof of Its Involvement in Sikh Activist’s Assassination Plot

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The United States White House deputy national security adviser Jon Finer led a US delegation to New Delhi to discuss the unsuccessful plot to assassinate Sikh leader, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun on American soil.

The US government has accused India of being involved in a plot to assassinate a Sikh activist and lawyer on American soil, during a high-level visit of a US delegation to New Delhi.

India is trying to cover up the evidence and is reluctant to share all the information despite having strong evidence of the Indian spy agency’s hand.

However, the evidence that shared by the US authorities with its Indian concerns is concrete and not rebuttable.

It’s also a message to India to stop such kinds of actions on the other’s soil.

Nikhil Gupta, an Indian national, was charged with murder-for-hire and conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire for trying to hire an undercover officer to kill Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, a US citizen and the leader of Sikhs for Justice, a group that advocates for the independence of Punjab from India.

Pannun is a vocal critic of the Indian government and its human rights record, especially regarding the treatment of Sikhs and other minorities. He has also organized referendums for a separate Sikh homeland, known as Khalistan, that would include parts of India.

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