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Indian spying in Qatar puts other Indians in Middle East under tight watch

The case of eight former Indian Navy officers who have been arrested and charged with spying in Qatar has put other Indians working in sensitive positions in the Middle East under tight watch and observation.

The officers, who were working for a Qatari company called Dahra Global Technologies and Consultancy Services, were arrested by Qatar’s intelligence agency in August 2022 and have been accused of spying on Qatar’s secret project to acquire high-tech submarines from Italy and France. They are accused of passing on the intelligence to Israel’s Mossad through a third party.

The officers are facing trial in a Qatari court and could face the death penalty if convicted. The Indian government has been trying to secure their release and provide them with legal assistance. The Indian embassy in Doha has also sought consular access to the officers and requested a fair and transparent trial.

However, the case has also raised alarm among other Indians working in sensitive positions in the Middle East, especially in Qatar, where they face increased scrutiny and surveillance from the local authorities. Many Indians have reported feeling insecure and vulnerable in their workplaces, fearing that they could be accused of spying or sabotage.

The case has also affected the reputation and credibility of Indians working in the Middle East, where they have been contributing to various sectors such as defense, energy, construction, health and education. Many Indians have reported facing distrust and resentment from their employers and colleagues, who question their loyalty and integrity.

The case has also strained the bilateral relations between India and Qatar, which have been traditionally friendly and cooperative. The two countries have conducted joint naval exercises in the past and have strong trade and energy ties. However, the spying allegations have cast a shadow over the future of their partnership.

The case has also raised questions about the role and accountability of private security firms that employ retired military personnel for various projects in foreign countries. Some experts have suggested that such firms should be regulated and monitored by the government to prevent any misuse of their services or involvement in illegal activities.




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