India’s Elections Shadowed by Human Rights Concerns

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As India approaches its general elections, the spotlight intensifies on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, which stands accused of media manipulation and human rights violations. Reports have brought to light alleged pre-election media control tactics and concerns over rising extremism.

Human rights advocates like Mihir Desai continue to voice their concerns, highlighting the plight of India’s disadvantaged communities, including the poor and Muslims, who have faced challenges for decades. The upcoming elections do not inspire much hope in regions like Kashmir, where the prospect of another term for Modi raises questions about the future of the country’s human rights landscape.

The Human Rights organizations has posed critical questions regarding India’s human rights obligations around the 2024 general elections, emphasizing the need for fair and free conduct, ensuring that citizens can vote without undue influence or coercion. With the world watching, India’s commitment to upholding democratic values and human rights remains under scrutiny as voters prepare to cast their ballots.

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