Iran tells US about April 13 attack on Israel, it does not want escalation — top diplomat

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Tehran has warned Washington through diplomatic channels about an imminent strike on Israel in response to the Israeli Air Force’s shelling of the Iranian consulate in Damascus and said after the strike that it does not want further escalation, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said.

“We have clearly conveyed to the Americans in messages that the decision of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council headed by President [Ebrahim Raisi] to punish the Zionist regime (Israel – TASS) is final and definitive,” Iran’s IRNA news agency quoted the top diplomat as saying. “After the punitive action, Operation True Promise, at around 2:30 a.m. on April 14 (11:00 p.m. GMT on April 13), we sent another message to the United States through diplomatic channels, saying that we do not seek to escalate tensions in the region,” the minister added.

The top Iranian diplomat also said that prior to the attack on Israel, Tehran told Washington that it would not target US military infrastructure in the Middle East “except in a situation where the United States wants to take military measures in support of Israel.”

The foreign minister specified that Iran exchanged messages through the US Interests Section at the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, as well as “through official diplomatic channels.” According to the diplomat, these contacts were made to “prevent the escalation of tensions and the development of a crisis in the region.”

On the evening of April 13, Iran launched drones and missiles at Israel, calling it a response to “numerous crimes,” including an attack attributed to Israel on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus. Tehran insisted that the attack was aimed exclusively at military targets from which the consulate was hit.

Israel has been assisted by the US, the UK and France in intercepting Iranian missiles and drones. The Israel Defense Forces said it had intercepted 99% of some 350 Iranian projectiles fired at the country. Israeli authorities said they were preparing to retaliate for the Iranian attack. Tehran has assured that it is not planning any further action after the latest attack, but is ready to retaliate against any Israeli action in a tough and “more lethal way.”

Source: Itar Tass

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