Islamabad Police File Charges Against Jamaat-e-Islami Leaders for Save Gaza March

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The Islamabad Capital Police have registered cases against leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) party. The charges stem from their participation in a march supporting Palestine, save Gaza and stop Rafah operation.

The Police registered cases against many including a former Senator Mushtaq Ahmed Khan, a prominent figure within the JI party.

The rally, which was aimed at advocating for Palestinian rights, saw a significant turnout and was part of a larger series of demonstrations against Israeli airstrikes in Gaza. However, the march towards the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad was halted by police forces, who used batons to prevent the protesters from proceeding.

This action by the police has sparked a wave of reactions, with many rally participants expressing their discontent by briefly blocking a key road and staging a sit-in near a high-security zone where foreign embassies and government offices are located. Social media has been abuzz with videos posted by JI party students claiming they were subjected to police brutality for attempting a peaceful rally.

As Pakistan works to mend its ties with the United States (US), it has been observed that Islamabad is attempting to downplay protests that challenge the Pakistani government’s stance on Palestine, which is viewed as dubious by some.

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