Israel bombing ‘everything but Hamas in Gaza

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The ongoing Israeli airstrikes on Gaza are not aimed at weakening Hamas, but at destroying the civilian infrastructure and displacing the Palestinian population a narrative fast developing around the world.

Israeli targets residential buildings, media offices, roads, bridges, power plants, water facilities, and health centers.

Experts believe that Israel’s claim of self-defense is “absurd”, given that it is the occupying power that has imposed a blockade on Gaza for over 14 years, restricting the movement of people and goods, and denying basic human rights and services to the 2 million residents of the coastal strip.

The US government for its unconditional support of Israel, both diplomatically and militarily is a US is a partner in crime and is complicit in Israel’s war crimes and violations of international law, as it provides $3.8 billion in annual aid to Israel, most of which goes to its military.

The Palestinians have a right to defend themselves. They have a right to self-determination. They have a right to return to their homes. And they have a right to live in peace and dignity.

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