Israel claims Death of Senior Hamas Commander Marwan Issa in Gaza Strike

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Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed the death of Marwan Issa, a high-ranking member of Hamas, in a central Gaza strike. Issa, known as Hamas’s No. 3, was targeted in a bombing of a tunnel in Nuseirat on March 101. The military spokesman noted that another top terror commander, Ghazi Abu Tama’a, was also killed in the strike.

This operation marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing conflict, as Marwan Issa was a key figure within the Hamas military structure. The IDF’s announcement comes after careful verification of intelligence, emphasizing the precision of the strike. The news has been met with no immediate comment from the Palestinian group.

The confirmation of Issa’s death adds to the complexity of the situation in Gaza, highlighting the ongoing tensions and the impact of military operations in the region. As the situation develops, further details are expected to emerge regarding the implications of this strike on the broader dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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