Israel failed to eliminate Hamas, free its captives: Haniyeh

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Ismail Haniyeh, the leader of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas, has stated that Israel has not achieved its declared goals in the war on Gaza. These goals included eliminating Hamas and freeing captives held by the group. Haniyeh emphasized that Israel “hasn’t eliminated Hamas and won’t eliminate it, and hasn’t retrieved its captives and won’t retrieve them except through an honorable deal.” He also mentioned that the Israeli assassination of his sons and grandchildren will not change Hamas’ stance on negotiations for a ceasefire deal in Gaza.

Haniyeh reiterated Hamas’ conditions for a ceasefire, which include a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, a complete withdrawal of Israeli troops from the strip, an unconditioned return of the internally displaced people to their homes, the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, the lifting of the siege imposed on the strip, and a serious prisoner exchange deal.

He also called on regional countries to adopt a different stance on Israel’s actions in Gaza, noting that Israel’s “image has been shattered” after its atrocities in Gaza and has become “unprecedentedly isolated”.

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