Israel slaughters 6 Palestinian children per hour in its ongoing Genocide in Gaza

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Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction is compelled to address the fact that the Gaza Strip has tragically transformed into a ‘graveyard’ for thousands of innocent Palestinian children slaughtered by the Israeli armed forces in the besieged strip since Israel launched its genocide 600 hours ago with an average of 6 Palestinian children slaughtered by the Biden Administration-Backed Israeli war machine. The international community, must, with unwavering determination, take responsibility in putting a complete stop to this devastating series of Israeli war crimes, which is a grave stain on the conscience of humanity.

Dimitri Diliani, Fateh Reformist Democratic Faction’s Spokesperson states: “The sustained Israeli air strikes and artillery bombings on Gaza’s residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure in this ongoing pogrom have resulted in a profound human tragedy that continues to escalate. As we mourn the loss of 8,796 Palestinians, including 3,648 precious children, we are compelled to recognize the profound and lasting impact these casualties will have on the Palestinian society.”

Diliani states that Israeli collective punishment policies, including the cutoff of water and medicine to Gaza, exacerbate an already dire humanitarian situation. The deliberate withholding of basic necessities, such as clean water and essential medical supplies, poses an alarming threat to the lives of countless children. Diliani emphasizes, “We cannot allow this heartless deprivation to continue, as more innocent children are pushed to the brink of suffering and death.”

Fateh’s Reformist Democratic Faction echoes the urgent call of international humanitarian organizations for an immediate ceasefire. Diliani underscores, “The international community must unite and act swiftly to avert a further descent into darkness and suffering. The ceasefire is a moral obligation to protect the lives of those who are most vulnerable.”

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