Israel War Crimes: At least 18 killed in Jabalia refugee camp

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At least 18 people, including six children, were killed and dozens more wounded in Israeli war crimes a densely populated refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip on Friday, according to Palestinian health officials.

The aftermath: the collapsed building in Jabalia, a result of the explosion.

The attack targeted a three-story building in the Jabalia camp, home to more than 100,000 refugees, where several families were living, witnesses said. The building collapsed under the force of the explosion, trapping many people under the rubble.

Civilians affected by the attack, illustrating the human toll of the conflict.

Rescue workers and volunteers rushed to the scene, digging through the debris with their bare hands and using heavy machinery to search for survivors. Some of the victims were pulled out alive, while others were pronounced dead at the scene or at nearby hospitals.

International calls for action – The United Nations and several countries demand an immediate end to hostilities.

The United Nations and several countries have called for an immediate end to the hostilities and urged both sides to respect international humanitarian law and protect civilians. However, diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire have so far failed to yield any results.

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