Israeli War Crimes­—New Mass Grave Uncovered at al-Shifa Hospital Amidst Gaza Conflict

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In a somber discovery, Palestinian doctors have uncovered a new mass grave at the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. The grave, which was found in the vicinity of the hospital recently besieged by Israeli soldiers, contained nine bodies believed to be patients. These are heinous war crimes that Israeli army has been committing in Gaza.

The international human rights grounds condemned these war crimes and genocides acts of Israeli army.

The mass grave includes several decomposing bodies that were concealed under rubble by Israeli forces before their withdrawal earlier this month. This discovery has added to the grim toll of the conflict, with fifteen more bodies recovered from the area around Al-Shifa hospital following the Israeli military’s withdrawal.

The uncovering of the mass grave has sparked outrage and grief, as the international community calls for accountability and a thorough investigation to make Israeli leadership under the international law.

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