Israel’s actions ‘against international law’, says EU foreign policy chief

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The European Union has expressed its concern over the escalating violence between Israel and the Palestinian, calling for an immediate end to the hostilities. EU foreign policy commissioner Josep Borrell said that Israel has the right to self-defense, but some of the decisions its government has made are contrary to international humanitarian law.

Borrell said that the EU condemns the indiscriminate rocket attacks by Hamas and other groups on Israeli civilians, and supports Israel’s right to protect its population. However, he also said that Israel’s response must be proportionate and in line with international law. He urged Israel to avoid civilian casualties and refrain from actions that could undermine the prospects of a peaceful resolution of the conflict, such as settlements, demolitions and evictions.

Borrell also expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people, who are suffering from the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the West Bank. He said that the EU is ready to provide humanitarian aid and support the reconstruction efforts in Gaza, as well as to resume the dialogue between the parties. He called for a revival of the peace process based on a two-state solution, which he said is the only way to achieve lasting peace and security in the region.

The EU’s statement came after the intense fighting between Israel and Hamas which has claimed hundreds of lives and injured thousands more.

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