Lavrov Rejects Notion of Transforming into Secretariat-Driven Organization for BRICS

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Russia has outlined its future vision for the BRICS alliance, emphasizing that the group does not need to be transformed into “an organization with a secretariat.” The statement was made by Russia’s Foreign Minister during a press conference held in Moscow on Tuesday.

Addressing the media, the Russian Foreign Minister highlighted the strength and effectiveness of the current format of BRICS, which operates as a loose association of major emerging national economies. The Minister underscored that the collaborative nature of BRICS allows member countries to work together on key global issues without the need for a formal secretariat, which could potentially hinder the flexibility and autonomy of the alliance.

The Foreign Minister noted that he doesn’t think anyone has any interest in turning it into “a real organization with a secretariat,” adding that “this is not necessary, at least at this stage” and in his opinion will not be needed “for a relatively long time.”

There are no organizations in the West that have fair rules in the sense of equality and genuine consensus,” Lavrov added.

The remarks come at a time when there have been discussions within the BRICS community about the possibility of transforming the group into a more institutionalized structure with a dedicated secretariat.

Russia’s stance, as articulated by its Foreign Minister, signals a commitment to maintaining the current flexible and pragmatic approach within BRICS.

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