Modi’s yoga diplomacy falls flat in Manipur

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a state visit to the United States, where he celebrated International Yoga Day at the UN headquarters in New York, showcasing his passion for the ancient Indian practice.

However, Modi’s yoga diplomacy has backfired by the ongoing violence in Manipur, a northeastern state of India that has been rocked by ethnic clashes for the past six weeks. More than 100 people have been killed and thousands displaced in the fighting between the Kuki and Naga tribes over land and resources.

Modi has been accused of ignoring the crisis in Manipur and focusing on his global image instead. His critics say he has failed to intervene and restore peace in the state, which has been under a curfew and internet shutdown for most of the time. They also question his commitment to secularism and pluralism, as he belongs to a Hindu nationalist party that has been accused of discriminating against minorities and dissenters.

The contrast between Modi’s yoga performance at the UN and the bloodshed in Manipur has sparked outrage and criticism on social media, with many users calling him insensitive and hypocritical. Some have also mocked him for his yoga poses and attire, while others have expressed solidarity with the victims of Manipur violence.

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