Nine of Israel’s Soldiers Killed in Gaza City Ambush

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Mourners react at the funeral of Israeli military commander Lieutenant Colonel Tomer Grinberg, who was killed in northern Gaza amid the Israeli army's ongoing ground operation in the Gaza Strip, at Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem, December 13, 2023. REUTERS/Shir Torem

Nine soldiers of the Israeli army have been killed in an ambush in Gaza City making IDF a major setback on its military front line against Hamas. The incident occurred when the Israeli military had been facing widespread genocidal proof of Palestinians.

The attack unfolded in the heart of Gaza City, catching the soldiers off guard and leading to a fierce firefight.

These massive killings of Israeli soldiers turned into massive critical debates on social media about Netanyahu’s policy towards the ethnic cleaning of Palestinians facing huge losses on his military front.

Experts believe that if these warmongering policies of Israel that have been backed by the United States will not stop, the Middle East will be pushed towards an unending conflict and war.

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