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Palestinian activist Khader Adnan dies in Israeli jail after 86 days on hunger strike

Khader Adnan, a prominent Palestinian activist and senior figure has died in an Israeli jail after 86 days on hunger strike. He was accused of terrorism offenses by Israel and held under administrative detention, a controversial measure that allows indefinite detention without trial.

Adnan’s death sparked a violent response from Palestinians. Adnan was from Jenin in the occupied West Bank and had been a well-known activist for two decades. He had been arrested and detained by Israel several times and had gone on hunger strike five times to protest his conditions. He was widely seen as a symbol of Palestinian resistance and his hunger strikes inspired other prisoners to follow suit.

His wife, Randa Mousa, said he was “refusing any support, refusing medical examinations, he is in a cell with very difficult detention conditions” before his death. She also accused Israel of “deliberate medical negligence” and demanded an international investigation into his death.

His death has been widely condemned by the Human Rights activist around the world who slammed Israel’s aggression toward innocent Palestinians.

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