Police Remove Pro-Palestine Camps at Three US Universities

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In a series of coordinated actions, police forces have dismantled Pro-Palestine encampments at universities in Arizona, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The crackdown on these tent cities comes amid escalating tensions on campuses across the United States.

At the University of Pennsylvania, authorities acted to clear the protest site that had been established for over two weeks. The demonstrators were demanding the Ivy League institution divest from companies doing business with Israel in response to the ongoing military operations in Gaza.

Similarly, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), police began dismantling the encampment early Friday. The move followed several days after an initial attempt to clear the site was met with resistance as protesters quickly reestablished their presence.

The University of Arizona also witnessed the removal of Pro-Palestinian camps. Here, the situation escalated as teargas was used, and demonstrators responded by throwing bottles at the officers.

These actions have led to numerous arrests and have raised questions about the balance between freedom of expression and the need to maintain order and safety on campus. The events have drawn attention to the broader issue of university affiliations and investments related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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