Russia and North Korea claim defense cooperation is vital for peace in Korean Peninsula

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Russia and North Korea have announced their intention to strengthen their defense cooperation, saying it is necessary for achieving long-lasting peace and stability in the Korean Peninsula.

Russia and North Korea agreed to expand and deepen the strategic partnership and friendly relations between the two countries in all spheres, including political, economic, humanitarian, and military fields. The two sides confirmed their common position on the need to peacefully resolve the Korean Peninsula issue through dialogue and negotiation and expressed their readiness to contribute to the establishment of a lasting and stable peace regime in the region.

The United States and its allies are concerned about the growing military ties between Russia and North Korea.

However, Russia and North Korea have dismissed the US criticism, claiming that their defense cooperation is legitimate and does not pose a threat to anyone. They have also accused the US of pursuing a hostile policy toward them, and of interfering in their internal affairs. They have called for the lifting of the sanctions and the normalization of relations with the international community. They have also urged the US to engage in dialogue and cooperation with them, rather than confrontation and pressure.

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