Spain Promise 1 billion Euros to Bolster Ukraine’s Defense in 2024

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Spain has pledged a substantial military aid package to Ukraine, amounting to 1 billion euros for the year 2024. This commitment was made during a visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to Madrid, where he and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez signed a security deal. 


The aid package is a significant boost to Ukraine’s defense capabilities, particularly in light of President Zelenskyy’s statement that the country requires at least seven more Patriot missile launchers to effectively defend against ongoing Russian air attacks. The Patriot systems are crucial for intercepting advanced aerial threats and would provide a much-needed enhancement to Ukraine’s air defenses. 

The security deal between Spain and Ukraine includes a broader commitment to supply modern military equipment for various defense needs, prioritizing key capacity requirements for Ukraine. This agreement also emphasizes the importance of protecting sea routes for Ukraine’s food exports, a vital aspect of the country’s economy and global food security. 

 Prime Minister Sanchez has confirmed that Spain will also send another batch of Leopard tanks and ammunition, along with the pledged Patriot missiles. He expressed Spain’s ongoing commitment to work closely with Ukraine to understand how else the country can assist in ensuring Ukraine’s air security. 

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