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Pakistan Suspends Internet and Mobile Services Nationwide on Election Day

Pakistani interim government has suspended internet and mobile services across the entire country on election day Feb 8,

Charles Michel abandons plan to run in EU elections

European Council President Charles Michel is pulling out of the European Parliament election race, choosing instead to focus

Hasina’s Autocratic Rule Threatens Democracy in Bangladesh Ahead of Jan. 7 Election

Bangladesh is bracing for a tense and violent election season, as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her ruling

German Chancellor’s Approval Rating Continues to Decline

The popularity of the German Chancellor is reportedly facing a downward trend, according to a recent poll published

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Villavicencio killed in attack

Ecuadorian presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio was killed in a shooting attack on Wednesday night, according to local media

Turkish voters decide between democracy and dictatorship in crucial election

Turkey is heading to the polls on Sunday in a crucial presidential and parliamentary election that will determine

Cuba holds national elections with no opposition candidates

Cuba holds national elections on Sunday, but there are only 470 candidates running for the 470 seats in