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Farmer protests could cause goods shortages across Europe — FAO official

Protests by farmers could cause shortages of certain goods in Europe, said Oleg Kobyakov, the director of the

Hungarian parliament approves Sweden’s NATO bid

Hungary's lawmakers on Monday approved a bill on Sweden's bid to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Tens of thousands demonstrate in Hungary’s capital over child abuse pardon scandal

Tens of thousands of Hungarians gathered in Budapest's Heroes' Square on Friday to demand justice for child abuse

German city of Cologne celebrates “Rose Monday”

Over 1 million visitors joined the locals in Germany's Cologne city on Monday to celebrate the biggest parade

French Farmers Unions Urge Cease to Blockades, Yet Unyielding Movement Vows to Persist

Two of the main farming unions in France have urged their members to end the tractor blockades that

Polish president refers gov’t budget to top court over legality “doubts”

Polish President Andrzej Duda sent Wednesday the budget for the year 2024 to the Constitutional Tribunal for review

From France to Germany: How European farmers are fighting for their survival

Europe’s farmers have been protesting for months, blocking roads, highways and dumping manure and soil on the streets.

Jailed Polish ex-ministers released after being pardoned again

Poland's former Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski and his deputy Maciej Wasik were released from prison on Tuesday night,

Winter Weather Causes Chaos Across Northern Europe

In a relentless onslaught, severe winter weather has unleashed chaos across Northern Europe, leaving a trail of disruptions

Spain imports more Russian natural gas in 2023

Spain registered a 35 percent yearly rise in natural gas from Russia in 2023 as the Ukraine crisis

Polish truckers agree to halt border protests

Polish truckers have agreed to halt protests that have blocked several border crossings with Ukraine since November, the

40 illegal migrants missing as boat sinks off SE Tunisia

At least 40 illegal migrants have gone missing after their boat sank off Tunisia's southeastern coast, the Tunisian