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Finland to keep its border closed with Russia over migration concerns

Finland has announced its decision to maintain the closure of its border with Russia. The move comes amid

Roundup: Strikes by major unions bring Finnish industry to standstill

Finnish foreign trade and production in major processing industries came to a complete standstill on Monday, due to

Finland’s new president Stubb takes office

Alexander Stubb took office as the 13th president of Finland on Friday during a session of the Finnish

‘No need’ for Finland to place US nuclear weapons on its territory — prime minister

Helsinki sees "no need" to deploy elements of the US nuclear arsenal on Finnish territory, Prime Minister Petteri

Finland to vote in presidential election runoff

The runoff in the election to choose Finland’s 13th president from former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb and former

Finland extends land border closure with Russia until mid-April

The Finnish government on Thursday decided to keep the land border with Russia closed until mid-April, citing security

Moscow terminates Russia-Finland border cooperation agreement amid souring ties

The termination of the agreement between Moscow and Helsinki on facilitating border cooperation comes into force on Wednesday,

Finland plans to fully ban Russian citizens from buying real estate in spring

Finland is preparing to completely ban Russian citizens from buying real estate in the country this spring, public

Helsinki not had “trouble” with Moscow for decades– but now it will—Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stern warning in response to Finland's decision to join NATO, stating

Finland’s center-right government survives no-confidence vote over 2 right-wing ministers

Finland’s center-right government, led by Prime Minister Petteri Orpo, has survived a no-confidence motion from three opposition parties

Finnish Government Renounces Racism After A Summer Rocked By Racist Scandals

The Finnish government has announced a new anti-racism policy after a series of scandals involving racist and bigoted

Finland expels 9 Russian embassy staff on espionage charges

Finland has announced that it is deporting nine staff members of the Russian embassy in Helsinki who are