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Insecurity Plagues France’s Foreign Doctors as Understaffed Hospitals Struggle to Maintain Functionality

Foreign doctors in France are facing heightened insecurity as understaffed hospitals grapple with the strain of providing adequate

French politician compares Macron’s comments on nuclear weapons to treason

The leader of the French Patriots party Florian Philippot considers the statements of the country's President Emmanuel Macron

From France to Germany: How European farmers are fighting for their survival

Europe’s farmers have been protesting for months, blocking roads, highways and dumping manure and soil on the streets.

French Government Unveils New Measures in Response to Farmers’ Protests

In an effort to address the escalating concerns of farmers and quell widespread protests, the French government has

Xi urges China, France to jointly open up path of peace, progress for human development

As today's world is once again at a critical crossroads, China and France should jointly open up a

France Voices Opposition to Azerbaijan’s Proposal to Host COP29 in Recently Liberated Territories of Nagorno-Karabakh

In a move that has intensified diplomatic tensions, France opposed Azerbaijan's proposal to host the 29th Conference of

Russian Billionaire Arrested by French Authorities on Tax Evasion Charges

French police arrest Russian billionaire – Aleksey Kuzmichev is reportedly being held in custody over alleged tax evasion

France agrees to supply Armenia with military equipment amid Nagorno-Karabakh crisis

France has announced that it will provide Armenia with military equipment to help ensure its defense, following the

France to withdraw ambassador and troops from Niger after coup: Macron

France has announced that it will end its diplomatic and military presence in Niger, following the coup that

Nearly 400 monkey skulls seized at Paris airport, destined for US

French customs officials have seized nearly 400 monkey skulls that were being smuggled from Cameroon to the United

Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso form new security alliance in the Sahel

Three West African countries in the Sahel region, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, have signed a mutual defense

Macron says France’s Niger ambassador a ‘hostage’ in embassy

French President Emmanuel Macron has accused the military junta that seized power in Niger of holding France’s ambassador