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Houthis demand “end to war in Gaza” for 17 Filipino hostages’ release: diplomat

A Philippine diplomat said Tuesday that negotiations continue for the release of 17 Filipino sailors taken hostage by

Palestinian PM Shtayyeh hands resignation to Abbas over Gaza ‘genocide’

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Shtayyeh and his cabinet have submitted their resignation to President Mahmoud Abbas over the

US Serviceman set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy raise Slogan Free Palestine

A US duty airman was hospitalized in critical condition on Sunday after setting himself on fire outside the

South Africa Urgently Appeals to Top Court for Intervention Amidst Israel’s Rafah Ground Invasion

South Africa has filed an urgent request to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to intervene in the

Dutch Court orders to halt delivery of F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel

A Dutch appeals court has ordered the government to stop exporting parts for F-35 fighter jets to Israel,

Hamas chief’s plea to Muslim states: Support ‘resistance with weapons’

The leader of the Palestinian resistance group Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, has urged Muslim states to provide weapons and

Europe and US diverge on Gaza ceasefire as EU pressures Israel to stop bombing

The European Union and the United States have shown growing differences on how to end the war in

Israeli Soldiers Demoralized—Sick for any Prolonged Conflict

In a concerning development from the front lines, reports are emerging that Israeli soldiers are facing significant challenges

Fateh’s Reformists Slam Israeli Massacre in Two Gaza Schools

Fateh's Reformist Democratic Faction unflinchingly condemns the abhorrent war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli military in its recent

Israeli media report that Oct 7 Israel Airforce killed many Israeli civilians

In a shocking revelation, several Israeli media outlets have reported that the Israel Air Force (IAF) was responsible

UN mourns the deaths of 101 staff members in Gaza

The United Nations has marked a somber day as it commemorated the deaths of 101 staff members who

Al Jazeera exposes the truth of Gaza war as Western media fails to report accurately

Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based network, has been providing the most comprehensive and authentic coverage of the ongoing war