Tag: Human Rights

Julian Assange Trial in the UK High Court: A Pivotal Test for British Human Rights

The ongoing trial of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, in the UK High Court has emerged as

China’s Remarkable Achievement: Uplifting 800 million from Extreme Poverty, Defying Western Narratives on Human Rights

China has successfully uplifted 800 millions of its population from extreme poverty, marking a significant milestone in the

Christmas Celebration Turns Violent as Gunmen Storm Church in Pakistan’s Capital

A gang of six armed men reportedly invaded a church in the heavily guarded federal capital Islamabad carrying

High-Ranking Pakistan Police Officials Caught on CCTV Ordering Torture and Violence in Lahore Hospital

Punjab Police, known for its notorious violent incidents, faces scrutiny as CCTV footage captures a high-ranking officer ordering

Turkey Holds New Hopes for EU Membership, but Challenges Persist

In a renewed push towards European Union (EU) membership, Turkey has expressed optimism about the prospect of joining

EU Immigration Policy Change in Asylum Rule Infringes Human Rights Law

The European Union's recent amendments to its immigration policy, particularly in the asylum rules, are raising concerns and

Cambodia continues crackdown on human trafficking

Cambodia cracked down on 137 human trafficking and sexual exploitation cases in the first 10 months of 2023,

Privacy Concerns Emerge as COP28 Deploys 12,000 Surveillance Cameras

As the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) kicks off, concerns are growing over the deployment of an

Anguish Grows Over ‘Effective Ban’ on Most UK Citizens Marrying Foreign Nationals

In a controversial move that has sparked widespread criticism, the United Kingdom government is facing growing anguish over

Fateh Reformist Democratic Faction’s Condemns Israeli Army Field Execution of Rami Jundub in Al-Faraa Refugee Camp

Fateh Reformist Democratic Faction's spokesperson, Dimitri Diliani, condemns the egregious actions witnessed in the harrowing Israeli Army field

Blood on Hanukkah Lights: Fateh’s Reformists Expose Biden’s Alarming Genocidal Alliance

As the anti-genocide Jewish community in New York kindles the lights of Hanukkah with a fervent protest for

Indian Solar Panels Industry Accused of Labour Law Violations and Gender Discrimination

A recent investigation by a human rights group has revealed that the Indian solar panels industry, which is