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Canada to Stop Arms Sales to Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

In a significant move, the Canadian Parliament has passed a non-binding resolution to halt arms sales to Israel.

Brazil’s Lula Draws Parallel Between Israel’s Gaza Conflict and the Holocaust

Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva draws a comparison between Israel's military actions in Gaza and the

Israel Kills 44 in Rafah International Outcry Grows Amidst Rising Casualties

Israeli airstrike has killed 44 Palestinians marking a significant escalation in the ongoing war crimes and genocidal actions.

3rd South Summit calls for ending Israel-Palestine conflict

The Third South Summit ended on Monday in the Ugandan capital Kampala with participating leaders calling for an

Australian foreign minister to visit Middle East

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong has announced that she will visit the Middle East. In a statement released

Yemenis Unite to Express Support Against Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

In a powerful display of solidarity, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across Yemen

Israel Commits Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

Israel-Palestine conflict, accusations of ethnic cleansing have surfaced, prompting international attention and concern. While these claims are serious

Medea Benjamin Exposes Mysterious Unmarked Building AIPAC in Washington Funds for Israeli War Crimes

What goes on in this mysterious building in Washington DC that has no name on it? Oh, it’s

BRICS Member Presses ICC to Charge Israel with War Crimes

South Africa, a member of the BRICS alliance, has reportedly urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to pursue

Israel Plays with Fire in Gaza Raise Concerns of Escalation Beyond Borders

In a tense development in the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, Israel's killing to Palestinians sparked concerns

Israel Kills 18000 Civilians in Gaza Since Oct 7

More than 18,000 civilians have been killed by Israeli bombs and strikes in Gaza since Oct 7. The

Israeli Army drops leaflets with Quran verses in Gaza

The Israeli army has dropped leaflets over parts of southern Gaza, featuring verses from the Quran, as part