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Japan’s PM Kishida apologizes for ruling LDP kickback scandal

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida apologized for the secret slush fund scandals involving the ruling Liberal Democratic Party

Japan naked festival: Women join Hadaka Matsuri for first time

For the first time in its 1,250-year history, the Hadaka Matsuri, or the Naked Festival, at the Konomiya

Japan Vows Support to Ukraine, Hosts Conference Focused on War-Torn Country’s Reconstruction

Japan has pledged unwavering support to Ukraine as it hosts a conference focused on the reconstruction of the

Understanding the Complex Kuril Islands Dispute Between Russia and Japan

The Kuril Islands dispute, a longstanding and intricate territorial disagreement between Russia and Japan, continues to be a

Foreign-born Residents Launch Lawsuit Against Japan Systematic Racial Profiling by Police

Three foreign-born residents of Japan have filed a lawsuit against the national and local governments, accusing them of

Japan’s LDP faction previously led by Kishida officially breaks up amid scandal

Japan's main ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)'s faction previously led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida officially announced its

Japan makes history with its first uncrewed moon landing

Japan has become the fifth country to successfully land a spacecraft on the moon, after its SLIM mission

Former Kishida faction accountant faces indictment amid kickback scandal

Japanese prosecutors are set to build a case against a former accountant of a ruling Liberal Democratic Party

Indonesian civil group protests against Japan’s discharge of nuclear-contaminated water into sea

An Indonesian civil group on Monday held a demonstration in front of the Japanese embassy in Indonesian capital

Japan Earthquake Death Toll Surges to 81

Japan is grappling with the aftermath of a powerful earthquake that has claimed the lives of 81 people,

Death Toll Rises to at Least 6 People After Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan Tsunami Warning

On the first day of the new year, Japan was struck by a powerful earthquake, resulting in a

Japan’s executions drop to 0 in 2023

The Japanese government carried out no executions in 2023 for the first time in three years, local media