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Mounting Pressure on Netanyahu as Majority of Israelis Blame Him for the Escalation of Regional Tension

In a significant development, a growing number of Israelis are holding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responsible for the

Slovenia backs Palestine UN membership

Slovenia, an incumbent non-permanent member of the United Nations' (UN) Security Council, said on Thursday that it supports

Nine Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes — Red Crescent Society

Nine people were killed and fourteen more were wounded as a result of Israeli aviation strikes in the

China Representative Addresses ICJ its Time for Palestinians to Exercise Their Right of Self-Determination

The Chinese representative Ma Xinmin addresses to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered a speech calling for

HAMAS agrees to gradual release of Palestinians jailed in Israel

"Palestine’s radical Hamas movement signaled its consent to gradual release of Palestinians from Israeli prisons as part of

Flooding of Gaza tunnels could be considered genocide — Russian envoy to UN

The flooding of tunnels in the Gaza Strip can be considered genocide, Russia's permanent representative to the UN,

McDonald’s Faces Significant Setback Amidst Widespread Israeli’s Boycott Campaign

McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, is facing a major challenge as millions of customers around the globe

How ‘YOU’ can Support Palestine by Boycotting Israeli Products

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine has sparked a global movement of solidarity with the Palestinian people,

Yemen’s presidential council warns Houthis against escalating tension in Red Sea

The Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) on Thursday warned the Houthi rebel group against continuing its attacks on

Yemenis Unite to Express Support Against Israeli War Crimes in Gaza

In a powerful display of solidarity, hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets across Yemen

Massive American Arms Shipment to Israel Revealed – 230 Cargo Planes, 30 Ships in Operation Since Oct 7

In a startling revelation an extensive influx of American weapons and ammunition into Israel. More than 230 American

Israeli Forces Kidnaps Journalist Hamad Taqatqah in Raid on Bethlehem Residence

Israeli forces kidnapped journalist Hamad Taqatqah after reportedly breaking into his residence in the southern region of Bethlehem,