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Six Palestinians Killed by Israeli Army in Al Faraa Refugee Camp

Six Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli military in Al Faraa Refugee Camp, amplifying the existing turmoil

Israeli Army drops leaflets with Quran verses in Gaza

The Israeli army has dropped leaflets over parts of southern Gaza, featuring verses from the Quran, as part

Israel’s bombing on Gaza leaves 50 journalists killed

Another journalist Ahmad Fatima was killed by an Israeli bombing making the death toll of journalists hit by

Al Jazeera exposes the truth of Gaza war as Western media fails to report accurately

Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based network, has been providing the most comprehensive and authentic coverage of the ongoing war

Death toll from overnight Israeli air raids rises to 71 after attacks on Rafah and three homes bombed in Khan Younis

The Israeli military intensified its bombardment of the Gaza Strip on Friday night, killing at least 71 Palestinians,