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Netanyahu Threatens Rafah Assault in Aftermath of Gaza Negotiations

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued a stern warning, threatening a potential assault on the Gaza Strip

Israeli Genocidal Tool—Humanitarian Crisis Unfolds as Hunger Takes Toll on Palestinian Children

A dire situation is emerging in the Gaza Strip and West Bank as a severe humanitarian crisis unfolds

US Airman’s Fiery Death Sparks Outrage and Debate Over US Role in Palestinian Genocide

On February 25, 2024, Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old serviceman of the United States Air Force, died after setting

South Africa Urgently Appeals to Top Court for Intervention Amidst Israel’s Rafah Ground Invasion

South Africa has filed an urgent request to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to intervene in the

South Africa accused Israel ignoring UN court order

Pretoria’s foreign minister says hundreds of civilians have been killed in the besieged Gaza since last week’s ruling

BRICS chair South Africa demands end to Israel aid after World Court verdict

South Africa’s top diplomat has condemned military support for West Jerusalem following the World Court’s genocide ruling South

ICJ to decide on Israeli Genocide of Palestinians on Friday

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) is expected to announce its interim ruling on the genocide case brought

Malala More Concerned with Taliban than Israeli Massacre of Palestinian Children

In a recent statement, Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani controversial and youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and education activist, has

No one can protect Israel from the risk of a decade-long war

As Israel is heading towards a massive ground operation, the risk of Israel slipping into a decade-long war

Israel kills 700 Palestinians in 24 hours amid World Silences

The global silence making Israeli crime more aggressive as the Zionist regime kills more than 700 Palestinians in

Israeli family refused to meet Netanyahu after captivity

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu requested a meeting with the family of an Israeli captive who was released from

Will International Criminal Court Considers Possible Arrest Warrant for Benjamin Netanyahu: Allegations of War Crimes

Will the International Criminal Court (ICC) examine the possibility of issuing an arrest warrant for former Israeli Prime