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Black Sea grain deal collapse is a setback for Turkey’s diplomacy

Turkey’s efforts to mediate between Russia and Ukraine over the Black Sea grain deal have failed, as Moscow

Putin to meet with African leaders to discuss Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with several African leaders in Moscow next week to discuss the situation

Putin warns of Poland’s intentions in Ukraine and Belarus

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Poland of having territorial ambitions in Ukraine and Belarus and warned that

Russia armed force issues maritime warning for Black Sea

The Russia armed force issued a new navigational warning for the Black Sea on Wednesday, declaring certain areas

Lithuania Revokes Residency of Russians Posing a Security Threat

Lithuania has revoked the residency permits of more than 100 Russians living in the country, deeming some of

Baku lashes out at Moscow over Karabakh peace treaty proposal

Azerbaijan has accused Russia and Armenia of failing to fulfil a ceasefire deal in the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave as

Russia accuses US of supporting regime change and coups

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused the US of being an enthusiastic supporter of regime change and

Russia faces internal crisis as Wagner PMC rebels against military

Russia is facing a serious internal crisis as the Wagner Group, a private military company led by Yevgeny

Bulgarians rally against government’s military aid to Ukraine

Thousands of Bulgarians took to the streets in several major cities on Saturday to protest against the government’s

Finland expels 9 Russian embassy staff on espionage charges

Finland has announced that it is deporting nine staff members of the Russian embassy in Helsinki who are

Breaking News: Russia and Ukraine accuse each other Nova Kakhovka dam collapse

A major dam in southern Ukraine has collapsed, unleashing a flood of water that threatens thousands of people

Moscow hit by drone attack, Russia blames Ukraine

Moscow was attacked by drones on Tuesday morning, in what the Russian defense ministry called a “terrorist attack”